Road Repairs – Sheridan, Wilson and McClellan Drives, Arlington National Cemetery

This project at the historic Arlington National Cemetery involved replacement / rehabilitation of several roadways including Sheridan, Wilson, McClellan, and Weeks / Grant Loop drives, along with drainage improvements. The scope also covered rehabilitating Crooks Walk, its bridge, Red Spring areas, and improving the Kennedy Memorial Tram Stop.

Key elements included addressing site conditions, surveying, evaluating environmental needs, enhancing pedestrian access and drainage systems, protecting historic structures / trees, and providing phased construction plans. Design work focused on safety, curb / underdrain installations, utility adjustments, tree preservation, erosion control plans, and pedestrian area enhancements like step/handrail replacements and sidewalk improvements.

At the Tram Stop, improvements modernized traffic flow, expanded waiting areas, proposed fencing options, enabled ongoing tram operations during construction, and added shaded areas. Coordination occurred with Cemetery staff, regulatory agencies, and historic preservation offices. The project allowed for bidding and construction phase services.


Services Provided
Civil Engineering