Farm Equipment Water Permit Operator

Del Monte Fresh Production

Since 2013, MSA has provided environmental services for Del Monte for vegetable packing operations, labor housing, and farms. MSA has applied for several Department of Environmental Quality Groundwater Withdrawal Permits for Del Monte, managing the entire process from Pre-Application Meetings, to application preparation, agency application comment responses, draft permit issuance consulting, and finally permit compliance services. For Del Monte, MSA manages drinking water systems subject to state regulation. As part of this service, MSA provides permit application services, sampling, and reporting by a licensed Waterworks Operator, as mandated by the Virginia Department of Health’s Office of Drinking Water. MSA is responsible for managing Virginia Pollution Abatement permits and compliance needed by vegetable packing operations. These requirements include managing and reporting on culls, wastewater, and soils, and guiding regulators as they inspect these facilities.

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