Brock Environmental Center – Water Monitoring

MSA is serving as the licensed Waterworks Operator for this non-profit facility owned by the Chesapeake Bay Foundation. It is the first of its type in the continental U.S. permitted to capture and treat rainfall for use as a public drinking water supply. By utilizing and maintaining this unique green building system, MSA and the Chesapeake Bay Foundation are partners in providing environmental, ecological and financial benefits to both the facility and the surrounding community.

Treating rainwater for human consumption at the Brock Center involves a series of important treatment processes, including pre-filtration, ozonation, sediment cartridge pre-filtration, charged membrane ultrafiltration, UV and chlorine disinfection, and calcite hardness balancing. MSA’s environmental scientists inspect the Class IV system on a weekly basis, which includes required sampling and data collection, equipment inspection, replenishing treatment units, water quality assessments, and reporting to the Virginia Department of Health (VDH) Office of Drinking Water. Throughout the course of this work, we have also coordinated with the VDH and prepared design changes to help better treat the water.


Virginia Beach

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