Graystone Reserve, Suffolk, VA

L.M. Sandler & Sons, Inc.

Services Provided:
Civil Engineering
Land Surveying
Landscape Architecture

Project Type(s):

MSA completed planning, surveying, environmental, civil engineering, and landscape architectural services for this 130-acre residential subdivision with 208 lots in a cluster-type configuration. All services were completed in accordance with the City of Suffolk’s Unified Development Ordinance.


The scope of work included the following:

A Preliminary Engineering Report (PER) was performed to identify development and design requirements, including sanitary sewer service, sanitary pumping station, domestic water service, traffic, ingress/egress, right-of-way improvements, and stormwater management. A master development plan was prepared to show proposed improvements. A traffic impact assessment was prepared by others and coordinated by MSA.

Boundary and topographic surveys were completed to locate property lines and identify topographic elevations for engineering design.

A wetland delineation was performed in accordance with the 1987 Federal Manual, including flagging of identified wetland areas and coordination of a field visit with U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ representative for the purpose of obtaining agreement on delineated wetlands.

The City of Suffolk’s Preliminary Subdivision Application was completed, including required accompanying documentation and coordination with Suffolk Planning staff and presentation to Suffolk Planning Commission and City Council.

Preliminary and final subdivision plats were completed and recorded to create the 208 lots in accordance with City of Suffolk requirements.

A Major Water Quality Impact Assessment was furnished, as required by the City of Suffolk.

A Phase I Environmental Site Assessment report was completed in accordance with ASTM E 1527-00, to determine whether Recognized Environmental Conditions were present. Phase II environmental investigations were also performed to determine the presence/absence of contaminants in an area where 55-gallon drums were observed during the Phase I report phase. To complete the Phase II investigations, we coordinated with a driller for soil and concrete borings and laboratory testing and analysis of samples. A report of findings was prepared.

Civil engineering construction plans and details were prepared and submitted to the City of Suffolk for construction approval. Plans included dimensional site layout for all improvements to the property; erosion and sedimentation control; grading, drainage and stormwater management (four Best Management Practices ponds); water and sanitary sewer service; and, right-of-way improvements to approximately 11,300 LF of Suburban Drive. These right-of-way improvements involved impact to an environmentally sensitive area, which necessitated design of a bridge and abutments, as well as additional environmental permitting and coordination with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and Department of Environmental Quality. The services of a geotechnical engineer and a structural engineer were coordinated for the bridge design and abutments. A landscape plan with construction details, plant schedules, quantities, and sizes, was also prepared and submitted for review in accordance with City of Suffolk requirements.

A land title physical survey of eight properties was completed to facilitate purchase. The survey complied with requirements of the American Land Title Association and was later revised to serve as a recordable document, as requested by client’s legal counsel.

MSA coordinated geotechnical engineering performed by others, and we provided surveying services to stake 30 boring sites.

A master utility plan was completed, including preliminary design calculations and a summary report outlining utility service availability and site development requirements, as established by the City of Suffolk and the State Health Department. The plan determined water distribution system requirements, existing sewage pump station capacities and upgrade requirements, along with proposed pump station, force main, and gravity sewer system details. The plan and report were submitted to the City of Suffolk Department of Public Utilities for review.

A stormwater management study was completed to analyze and compute the necessary design requirements for water quality and water quantity control. This work addressed the Chesapeake Bay Preservation Act, as well as City and State requirements for stormwater management. The Plan was submitted to appropriate agencies for review and approval.

Flow capacity and station configuration for existing nearby pump stations were evaluated. Construction plans for a new sanitary pump station were completed, as well as plans for the upgrade of an existing station. Plans included design for the pump station building and wet well requirements, alarm system requirements, pump selection, and emergency generator. Mechanical/electrical and structural engineering designs by others were coordinated by MSA for completion of the pump station work. Plans were submitted to the City of Suffolk and the Hampton Roads Sanitation District Commission for approval.

During the construction phase, construction administration services have been provided, including site visits and shop drawing review. Construction surveying has been performed to stake site improvements for construction.

Also during construction, wetland monitoring was performed during a four-month period for the purpose of assuring that impacts to wetlands complied with environmental permits. Upon completion of the site visits, photographs and written reports were submitted to the Department of Environmental Quality.

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