Tank Closures & Site Characterization Reports at Various Naval Installations, Hampton Roads, VA

Potomac Environmental, Inc. (Tank Closures)
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MSA managed and performed thirty (30) underground storage tank (UST) closure assessments at various military installations throughout Hampton Roads. The tank closure assessments were performed in accordance with applicable Virginia Department of Environmental Quality (VDEQ) regulations to determine if petroleum contamination was present in the subsurface and, if present, was the result of a leaking tank. Each tank closure assessment included the following tasks:

  • Provide oversight to contractor during tank closure activities to ensure tank is properly closed
  • Ensure that all generated waste material is properly handled and disposed of
  • Perform tank and tank excavation inspections to assess each component for evidence of a subsurface petroleum release
  • Perform soil sampling and analysis
  • Provide proper notification to the VDEQ
  • Prepare a Tank Closure Report which includes a summary of closure activities and site observations, copies of waste disposal manifests, analytical reports, site maps, and an assessment of subsurface conditions at the time of closure.
  • Recommendations for additional investigation and/or remediation are also included.

The following tank closures were completed under this contract:

  • Naval Weapons Station (NWS) Yorktown, VA – one (1) tank closure (UST-1865.2)
  • Naval Station Norfolk (NSN), VA – four (4) tank closures (NS-SP366-UST-02, NS-CEP66-UST-05, NS-CEP66-UST-06 and NS-CEP66-UST-07)
  • Naval Air Station (NSA) Oceana, Virginia Beach, VA – two (2) tank closures (OC-111-UST-03 and OC-111-UST-04)
  • Joint Expeditionary Base (JEB) Little Creek-Fort Story, Virginia Beach, VA – twenty three (23) tank closures (FS-951-UST-01, FS-102-UST-01, FS-591-UST-01, FS-708-UST-01, FS-705-UST-01, FS-750-UST-02, FS-808-UST-01, FS-808-UST-02, FS-865-UST-01, FS-714-UST-01, FS-719-UST-01, FS-849-UST-01, FS-1042-UST-01, FS-910-UST-01, FS-1102-UST-01, FS-845-UST-01, FS-847-UST-01, FS-851-UST-01, FS-713-UST-01, FS-715-UST-01, FS-750-UST-03, FS-720-UST-01 and FS-940-UST-01)

MSA performed a Site Characterization Report (SCR) investigation at two (2) sites (Building 713 and Building 750) on JEB Little Creek-Fort Story after the results of recent tank closure assessments revealed subsurface petroleum contamination warranting additional investigation. The SCR investigations were performed in accordance with applicable Virginia Department of Environmental Quality (VDEQ) guidance and regulations to determine the severity and extent of petroleum impact at each site. Each SCR investigation included the following tasks:

  • Install monitoring wells at strategic locations
  • Perform soil and groundwater sampling and analysis for petroleum constituents of concern
  • Perform site monitoring to assess the site for the presence/absence of free product
  • Survey monitoring wells and calculate groundwater flow direction
  • Identify site-specific geologic and hydrgeologic characteristics
  • Assess the vertical and lateral extent of contamination
  • Identify sensitive receptors
  • Perform a qualitative risk assessment
  • Perform a remediation assessment if remediation is warranted
  • Prepare a Site Characterization Report (SCR) which summarizes all site activities performed during the investigation and also includes recommendations for additional investigation and/or remediation if necessary. Attachments include site maps identifying site features, well locations and sample locations, boring and well construction logs, analytical reports, well gauging data, and waste disposal manifests.

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