City of Suffolk Stormwater Conveyance Capture, Suffolk, VA

City of Suffolk Department of Public Works/Engineering

Services Provided:
Land Surveying

Project Type(s):
Municipal Government

MSA was hired to provide surveying services to aid in the data collection of open and closed stormwater conveyance systems along approximately 80 miles of public roadway. The purpose was to determine pipe size, pipe material, inverts in and out of pipes, and approximate high points in open conveyance systems within the public right of way. This information will be used in connection with the city of Suffolk’s Geographic Information Systems (GIS) databases.

Roadways surveyed for this project include:

  • Bridge Road – Approximately 6 miles, from Isle of Wight County line to City of Chesapeake line
  • Carolina Road – Approximately 9.45 miles, from Whaleyville Boulevard to the North Carolina state line
  • Desert Road – Approximately 6.91 miles, from White Marsh Road to the North Carolina state line
  • Godwin Boulevard – Approximately 5.4 miles, from north side of Reeds Ferry Bridge to City of Suffolk line
  • Holland Road – Approximately 7.16 miles, between City of Chesapeake line and the Monitor Merrimac Bridge Tunnel
  • Nansemond Parkway – Approximately 7.65 miles, between Portsmouth Boulevard and the City of Chesapeake line
  • Portsmouth Boulevard – Approximately 3.36 miles, between C Street and the City of Chesapeake line
  • Pruden Boulevard – Approximately 5.13 miles, between Godwin Boulevard west to the City of Suffolk line
  • Rt. 58 – Approximately 8.23 miles, between Holland Road and Portsmouth Boulevard
  • Whaleyville Boulevard – Approximately 13.33 miles, between Carolina Road and the North Carolina state line
  • Wilroy Road – Approximately 3.87 miles, between Portsmouth Boulevard and Nansemond Parkway

The survey data was exported into GIS and converted to the finished product, specifically with lines representing ditches and storm pipe systems, with complete data tables for each line including construction material, condition, length, up and down invert elevations, and points for all entrances and exits of these systems.  Points at the beginning and end of each line included all man-made structures such as manholes, drop inlets, catch basins, culvert entrances, outfalls of drainage systems, etc.  Each point had relevant data including construction, size, elevation of invert, condition, and if maintenance was needed.  This GIS data was then given to the City where it was successfully integrated into their existing databases.  [\more]

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