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Coastal Precast Systems III, formerly Bayshore Concrete Products Corporation, operates a plant in Cape Charles, VA that produces a wide variety of precast concrete materials for distribution throughout the east coast and beyond.

In 2007, MSA was contracted to perform a variety of engineering and environmental projects at the Cape Charles plant; this included services related to groundwater withdrawal.

MSA’s services included arranging for delivery of sample containers, sample collection, re-sampling (when required), collection of water use data and preparation and submission of all reports and related correspondence initiated by the permit. MSA also prepared and submitted for approval the Bacteriological Sample Siting Report (BSSR) and the required cross-connection control program. By collecting water use and laboratory data from Coastal Precast System’s potable water system, MSA had the opportunity to monitor the plant’s water system performance to assist in the overall system management.

Subsequently, in 2013 MSA was contracted to serve as the facilities operator and perform permitting, permit compliance monitoring and reporting, and engineering services at their Cape Charles, VA and Chesapeake, VA plants. Bayshore Concrete no longer operates the Chesapeake plant. During the plant closing, MSA was able to successfully transfer or terminate all permits, as required.

The Cape Charles Facility has a Groundwater Withdrawal Permit which requires monthly water use monitoring and quarterly reporting of this water use and water quality data plus a charge balance from two wells. The facility operates a Public Water System (#3131056) which requires monthly, annual and non-routine inspections and sampling of drinking water as an NTNC system as regulated by the Virginia Department of Health – Office of Drinking Water. The facility also has a VPDES permit which requires updates every five years, quarterly inspections, annual comprehensive evaluation and quarterly storm event sampling. The facility has a number of air permits that MSA has been managing and applying for as needed. Lastly, it has a Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasure plan which must be updated every 5 years.

MSA provides ongoing services to this facility. [\more]

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