Congratulations Bill Sebring, LSIT!

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Bill Sebring, LSIT

Congratulations to Bill Sebring in our Surveying Department who passed the Fundamentals of Surveying examination and can now be recognized as a Land Surveyor in Training (LSIT).

Bill has been with MSA for 9 years and has steadily gained knowledge of the surveying profession since our Vice President, Jeff Vierrether, first met him when Bill was his student at Tidewater Community College. Jeff saw the potential in Bill and brought him to MSA where he has excelled in his role as a Surveying Technician. On occasion, Bill has even stepped over to the engineering side at MSA and assisted engineering Project Managers with their technical needs. Bill has also been involved in creating several of MSA’s survey drawings, which were recognized by the Virginia Association of Surveyors in their Annual Plat Contest. His project portfolio includes survey work in Virginia and North Carolina for both government and commercial clients. Daily, he assists our field crews with the process of bringing their field data into our CAD software.

We asked Bill, why he chose this profession and what he enjoys about it the most.  Read on to find out.

What made you want to pursue the field of surveying?
I chose this profession because it seemed interesting to me, being able to measure horizontal/vertical positions to the 0.01′ is amazing, and the technology we use to survey is always adapting.

What made you want to sit for your LSIT and what is the next step for you in your career path?
My career goal is to become a licensed surveyor, and that is a step to becoming licensed.

Is there a specific aspect of your role or projects that you enjoy working on the most?
I enjoy creating surfaces (3D representation of Topographic surveys) using CAD software. Being able to use the field survey data and turn that into a visual aid, not only is neat, but it is a great help to surveying and engineering.

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