Meet Our 2021 Summer Interns

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Here at MSA we love what we do, and we enjoy sharing that passion with those who are up and coming in this industry. Every summer we look forward to welcoming our student interns.  Our interns work alongside our project managers and get hands on experience contributing to active projects.

This summer we welcomed back Jenna Woyner, who has joined us on several of her school breaks. We also welcomed Jasper-Rose Ocampo for her first internship with us this year.  Both Jenna and Jasper-Rose are students at Virginia Tech, and we are very excited to have both Hokies as part of the MSA team.

Now it is time to meet Jenna and Jasper-Rose!


Where are you from?

Jenna: Originally Illinois, but I have been here long enough to claim Norfolk, VA

Jasper-Rose: Virginia Beach, VA


What is your major at Virginia Tech?

Jenna: Civil Engineering

Jasper-Rose: Civil Engineering with a minor in Green Engineering


What made you decide to pursue that major?

Jenna: I have always loved math and puzzles since I was little so engineering was the obvious choice for me.  Then in high school, I was in an engineering program that ultimately led me to civil from the classes and guest speakers throughout the years.

Jasper-Rose: If I am going to be honest, I originally wanted to become an engineer because I heard that they make a lot of money.  However, once I started learning more about civil engineering, my interest grew.   I love the idea of building infrastructure and cities that literally affect and help everyone around you.  I also think it’s really cool to see the outcome of all the work, time, and effort put into a project whether it be a school or a bridge or any infrastructure you can think of!


When you graduate what would be your ideal job?

Jenna: I would like to work as a Civil Project Engineer in land development using sustainable and efficient designs.  It’s my favorite specialty of civil engineering because you get to apply all the other specialties, work on a variety of projects, and sometimes even get to see those projects come to life in your own city.

Jasper-Rose: I would like to work in civil engineering design on projects that incorporate sustainability and take steps to protect the environment.  It is also my dream to hopefully one day be able to travel to countries that need clean water access and help provide that to them.


Why did you choose MSA?

Jenna: Honestly, MSA chose me at first and it was a surprise that they reached out from a resume database through Virginia Tech.  However, I do continue to choose MSA for the fourth time now because of the welcoming atmosphere and people here as well as the hands-on learning I get to experience every day.

Jasper-Rose: I chose MSA because of the friendly people and the size of the company.  A smaller company makes it easier to get to know the people you are working with.  Also, since MSA not only includes a civil engineering department but also a surveying and environmental science department, I get to see projects from different perspectives.


What sort of projects are you working on currently with MSA?

Jenna: This summer I’ve been working on a lot of site plans, which is really cool to apply everything I have learned in class to the real world.  I am currently working on an office building for VDOT.

Jasper-Rose: I am currently working on drafting various school expansion projects and restaurants around the Hampton Roads area.


Outside of interning and school, what sorts of things do you like to do for fun?

Jenna: I am a big movie and tv show fan of all kinds, read fiction, do different medias of crafting/art, and take care of my plants.

Jasper-Rose: I love collecting houseplants, dancing, and graphic design.


If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?

Jenna: Either Hawaii or Puerto Rico. Both seem so pretty and peaceful islands and part of my family is Puerto Rican.

Jasper-Rose: I would go to Iceland for the amazing hiking locations, sightseeing, and the northern lights.


What is a fun fact about you that we might not know?

Jenna: I used to do sports: volleyball, field hockey, soccer, swimming, and tennis (I’m not the best, but I tried).

Jasper-Rose: I am a two-time brain tumor survivor!




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